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Wow! Thank you for taking a cruise through my Iowa Summer Journalism Workshop blog! I created this blog as a part of the course I am taking through the University of Iowa. I signed up for a course to learn more about personal writing, writing columns, and blogging. Personally, I've been blogging for five years. My pride and joy is Illusions of Elegance, my blog established in November of 2015. You can read my current works here  and I encourage you to scroll through the right side bar which is a top five list of my reader's favorite posts. 
Enough about my personal works! You're interested in what I accomplished while on campus during the ISJW (the workshop). This blog is a compilation of all the assignments we worked on during the course of the week. Above is a photo of me touching "the brain" at the Pentacrest on my first day on the University of Iowa campus. Scroll through my blog and read my assignments!


Bailey Cichon, camper and blogger by night

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